12 years professional provider providing solutions of personnel and items identification
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Baobiwanxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of the Internet of Things industry in China,providing personnel and items identification technology, products and total solutions.It’s a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D,production, sales and technical services. 

Baobiwanxiang focuses on the field of intelligent Internet of Things identification, mainly engaged in personnel identification technology, RFID identification technology integration solutions and intelligent terminal products R&D, production, sales and technical services. Baobiwanxiang has a variety of product series, including:

1, Hospital identification products (Printer (RFID printer), Intelligent terminal PDA (RFID reader and writer), Wristband (RFID wristband), Label (RFID label), Mobile nursing care system, Mobile patient identification solution);

2,Internet of Things products (RFID printer, RFID reader, RFID tags,intelligent terminal PDA, clothing RFID identification solution, supermarket RFID identification solution, self-service retail RFID solution, amusement park RFID identification solution;

3,Face recognition products (face recognition terminal, face recognition cloud system); 4,Intelligent identification cloud printing solution (Intelligent printer, Intelligent identification cloud printing system) ).

A series of products of Baobiwanxiang have been widely used in many industries by now,such as enterprises, smart hospitals, personnel attendance, manufacturer, etc.. Baobiwanxiang provide customers with better identification solutions for personnel and items identification, which is known as the professional supplier of identification solutions, popular and reliable ,win warm prise from customer.

Aware of the great ideals and social responsibilities endowed by the times, Baobiwanxiang will advance the information development of modern society with forward-looking vision and creative products, improve the management efficiency of enterprises and the quality of life. This is also the fundamental function of information technology innovation in the process of social development.Adhering to R&D and the principle of "Customer-driven", Baobiwanxiang will continue to products innovations, improve technology of products to meet the constantly requirements of intelligent information technology.Innovation, Better life!