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 Baobiwanxiang Face Recognition Access Control Community Security System - Cloud management, security man and residents remotely operate and manage through user background and user app. 

No human touch face recognition access control, accurate recognition and comparison, fast pass. Support white list and black list settings. 

Community current personnel information collecting and counting, strengthen community safety management.


1. Background:

With the rapid development of urbanization, different floating people in and out of the community every day. How to do a good job in the safety management of the community is a very important task in the development of urbanization. By using face recognition technology, the community can complete personnel management to ensure the safety of residents' daily life .

2. Function:

1) Improve the management personnel in the community, recognize facial image of residents, visitors and staff who go in and out of the community on a daily basis, prevent strangers from entering the community, and ensure the stability and safety of the community.

2) Use the face recognition system to collect and count the information of community residents and floating people, upload data in real time for unified management.

3) combined database with police to establish an early warning system for strange visitors to prevent criminals from entering the community and endangering the safety of residents.

3. Product Assortment:

Face recognition access control community security system

Intelligent Terminal

Baobi face recognition access control barrier gate

4. Application advantages:

1) Accurately identify the face information of the community owners and users, collect and store the face information of the visitors, effectively prevent the strangers from entering the community, and improve the safety management of community.

2) 24 hours continuously working a day, suitable for community indoor and outdoor different lighting condition,high accuracy of facial feature recognition,avoid influence of facial expressions and decoration accessories.

3) Our products can be customize according to customer's needs,support all kinds of professional access controls, the system interface is simple and easy to use, user-friendly operation, supports multiple data transmission methods, realizes the efficient management of system data.

5. Applications:

1) The resident enters the scope of the face recognition device, and the face device automatically collects the face information and uploads it to the background system. After comparing with the face information stored in the database, the access control is immediately opened.

     2) When an outside visitor enters the community, the face device automatically collects and uploads the face information to the background system. After the resident or security personnel confirms the identity of the visiting person, the background system or the mobile app can be opened remotely, and the system will record the contact. Person's face information and time of entry and exit.

     3) Through the background system, the community manager can know the current specific number of residents and their face information in real time. When the personnel move in and out, the system data can be updated in real time, which greatly facilitates the management of the daily community residents.