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Baobiwanxiang face recognition access control construction site attendance system - cloud management, the construction site leaders remotely operate and manage through user background and user APP at anytime. 

Use face for attendance, accurate recognition, attendance data collection and upload to system. Access control permission settings enables to control employee access. 

Employee information management, automatic statistics and then generate a report.


1. Background:

Construction site are paying more and more attention to employee management. However, interms of attendance, traditional fingerprint and cards identification have problems of fraudulence. Face recognition technology as a new Identity technology, which provides better solutions for Construction site' access control attendance, is gradually being applied to many Construction site.

2. Function:

1)Daily attendance is performed by face recognition of employees, the attendance data is uploaded to the enterprise background management system of the enterprise.

2) When the visitor visit the enterprise, the face information of the visitor will be collected by face recognition device. Staff can open door remotely after confirmation,entry data of visitor will be recorded at the same time.

3)Background data can automatically count the daily attendance status of employees and generate reports into the background system. HR department can intuitively know the overall attendance status of the enterprise and the attendance status of specific employees, will further strengthen the attendance management for employees. Also,avoid manual omissions and error of manual statistics.

3. Product Assortment:

Face recognition access control construction site attendance system

Intelligent Terminal

Baobi face recognition access control barrier gate

4. Application advantages:

1)Compared with traditional access control cards and fingerprint identification, face recognition access control can realize automatic open, which improves the efficiency of passing. No human contact makes employees and visitors more receptive, which is conducive to enhancing the overall image of the company.

2) The face recognition system can collect the daily attendance information of employees in real time, effectively prevent the fake punching card situation,automatically upload the attendance data to the management system, so as to help construction site to strengthen the staff attendance management and improve the overall management level of the construction site.

3)  Regarding visitor management, need enroll the visitor's face information first, visitors allowed to enter the designated area after identification. Strictly control the entry and exit of personnel, prevent the stranger from entering the construction site, and further protect the safety of the construction site.

5. Applications:

1)Face device will automatically identify the incoming and outgoing employees when on work, door open after the identification matches, at the mean time upload the attendance data to the background system.

2) When visitors come, the face device will collects and uploads the face information, administrator can open the door remotely after confirm the information of visitor through background system, effectively prevent the stranger from entry and exit of the construction site.

      3) In the daily attendance of the construction site, the administrator staff can intuitively know the daily, weekly and monthly attendance status through the face recognition access control system, and also can retrieve the attendance data of the specific staff at any time period,further strengthening attendance management of staff.