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Baobiwanxiang access control scenic spot ticketing system - cloud management, the scenic spot is remotely operate and manage through user background and user APP.

Use face for ticket checking, accurate identification and comparison of tourist face information, fast pass. Scene human flow statistics, automatically generate reports. 

The access control permission setting enables to control entry and exit of personnel. 


1. Background:

With the rapid development of the domestic tourism industry, scenic spots need more efficient entrance control and ticket checking solutions in the increasing passenger flow. As a most sophisticated identification technology, face recognition access control system is gradually applied to various spots,bringing more convenience for scenic spot personnel management .

2. Function:

1) Face information recognition effectively prevent fraud tickets and multi-use of one ticket;Automatic face recognition greatly improves the check-in efficiency,reduces the cost andtime of waiting in line.

      2) Face recognition device can upload the face information of tourists to the system, which isconvenient for the park to track and locate the tourists in real time.

     3) Face recognition system user background can intuitively reflect the traffic flow at eachticket entrance in different time periods, which is convenient for the staff to handle the crowd.

3. Product Assortment:

Face recognition access control scenic spot ticketing system

Intelligent Terminal

Baobi face recognition access control turnstile gate

4. Application Advantages:

1) Use face recognition system to identify and compare the instant face image information of tourists, to ensure that the consistency of tickets and tourist, effectively prevent the occurrence of multiple tickets and false tickets, and avoid unnecessary economic losses of scenic spots.

2) Accurate face recognition can greatly simplify ticket checking process and save the cost of manual ticket checking, greatly improve the ticket checking efficiency of the scenic spot, avoid the crowding caused by queuing, and enable tourists to enjoy better travel services experience.

3) The scenic spot can also collect the tourist information through the face recognition system and upload the data to the scenic spot management system. In the case of loss or other accidents, staff can track and locate tourists according to their face information record and can provide service or help to them at the first time.

5. Applications

      1) When the visitor come near the face recognition device, the face device will automaticallycapture the face information of the visitor and upload it to the background database. Thebackground database will identify and compare with the stored face information, then open theaccess control if data matches.

    2) When you need to find a tourist, user background can track and locate it through the facerecognition device in the scenic spot. The background database can retrieve the face data of thevisitor and send it to the staff's mobile user app for quickly search.

   3) The park manager can monitor the human flow in various ticket entrance through thesystem, and handle the crowd according to the actual situation.the community can complete personnel management to ensure the safety of residents' daily life .